From research… to development 

Working hand in hand with R&D and Marketing teams, our experience in product development has grown through disruptive innovations, exciting industrial challenges, and successful collaborations.

For more than 20 years, we have been supporting innovation in various fields, with one sole ambition: to explore, dissect and build products and services of tomorrow.

Making use of all the insights from usage & attitude research  

Building solid innovation platforms 

Testing… from ideas to finalised mixes

From consumer knowledge… to customer experience 

From consumer trends to user journeys, we unearth key insights for your global strategy and your future innovations. A job demanding both observation and definition that enriches knowledge of your customer culture.


and personae 


and satisfaction

Brand strategy and corporate identity 


Companies and brands increasingly face different yet often complementary positioning and communication challenges. From business plans to crisis communication, from brand values ​​to business pillars, we offer planning work adapted to today's challenges.

Brand DNA

and positioning 

Corporate identity

and reputation


We treat every communication issue (360°, below the line, print, TV, digital), with subtle, non-intrusive moderation techniques that enable us to capture respondents’ emotions.

Whatever the research, our belief is to always maintain real-life conditions. We are careful to preserve the genuineness of respondents, in order to capture the most spontaneous reactions possible.

Our experience of collaborating with communication agencies also allows us to set up heavy and demanding fieldwork with a lot of flexibility.

Consult us for:

Pre/Post-campaign ad testing: Animatics, billboards, Storyboards


Creative idea exploration: Based on a wide range of stimuli that can include film clips, images, materials, objects 


Promises and claims test: In creative and intuitive formats 


TV show pre-test: From script to first pilot shown in theatres